lunedì 20 febbraio 2017

Softly Spoken

Nature can whisper you secrets if you can be very still and silent to listen to them. The other week the temperatures had risen above the 0C, the snow was basically gone as the big birds whose dwelling is on the trees in my yard and sourroundings. Little titmouses had replaced megpies,crows and ravens.Then suddently saturday morning, megpies and crows were litterally queuing on my porch patiently waiting their turn to eat the food I set out for the birds in wintertime. The same day sunrise was of an unusual orange and pink color, much more like a sunset. In my heart I felt the weather was about to change but I didn't have the gut to say it out loud. Birds told me snow will be back. Much of a crazy babbling for most. But sunday morning we woke up with a snow storm. And I smiled and thanked our feathered friends for revealing me the secret in advance. Yesterday we had more snow, but since temperatures were quite high ( between -1 and +1) it came down fluffy and soft as cotton, blanketing everything in sweetness.

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