domenica 12 marzo 2017


This winter has been very mild here in the north.A few days really cold (-20C or so ) a lot of days between 0 and -10 C. Not so much snow, just the nice quantity to play and walk on in safety and have light, but not so much that needs snow-work ( we only had to make hard snow work three or four times ). But on the other side this is showing to be one of the longest winter, as for every springish day we have a very light snowfall in the night followed by a few cloudy and colder days. I personally don't mind that much, but there are a few people, even in my own family, whose nerves are about to have a breakdown over this. But still, spring days, as a matter of fact, being quite rare stuff this year, are even more exciting than usual and yesterday it was one of those.So even my youngest, who usually prefer the comfort and warmth of the home, asked me out for a walk, in which i joyfully indulged along with the oldest doughter and faithful camera.

How the yard looked like yesterday morning

And around ....

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