domenica 9 aprile 2017

Three weeks, back to life

Almost one month since the equinox and the differences are already amazing. There is so much light and the temperatures are now almost constantly over or around 0C. Most of the migrating birds have come back and we have spotted the first butterflies, bees and ants. We still have sunsets and darkness in the night, but that shall pass and we'll get to a point in which night will be just an unknown concept here in the north. In a wicked way I almost miss now the introspection and 'homey feeling' that darker months give, these season I'm constantly out with my youngest two and I have very little time left for my projects, but I'm well aware that I just need to get used to these new rythms and 'light months life' and that when this will be over, well I will miss a lot what at the moment makes me almost uncomfortable. But let's give a look at the light situation.
 To see all the changes you can go and check here and here and here

Sunrise has been at 6:12
Sunset will be at 20:24
Lenght of the day 14h 12 min
( + 1h 56 min of daylight more in three weeks, + 39 min since last monday )  
This was the sunset a few days ago, beautifully pink.

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