venerdì 10 marzo 2017


In this period my main artistic endeavours are aimed in learning new skills on a side ( carving and  woodworking  mainly... ) and including my interests with a few techniques I learned through some online art classes that I took last year. Here a few tries I did with celtic knots, mixed-media art, Khuzdul runes and words.

Amrâlimê is the Khuzdul word for 'my love' or 'I love you'  taken from one of The Hobbit movie, on the lower circle it is written in runes

My first attempt with engraving, not totally satisfied, but I'm trying to be gentle on myself as it was the first try ever with this specific technique.

Credits: sources for all things Khuzdul and Neo-Khuzdul  are Midgardsmal  and The Dwarrow Scholar

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