lunedì 6 marzo 2017

Feeling blue

The time soon after the sunset in this period of the year it is also called the blue hour . Most of the days the sky is still too cloudy to notice its real color, but there are a few days of pure bliss in which we are given the greatest display ever of divine colors, painted by Sun and Moon greeting each other on the doorstep of their own realms. I took some pictures a couple of days ago, actually divided in two sets, one without any artificial light, which are of course a bit blurred because of lenght of the shot due to the dim light; the other one with the artificial light of camera flash, which gave quite a good effect to most of them.

These were taken with no flash, and no other artificial light (too) close by.

Same place, same moon, same trees, but with camera flash. The second last is my favorite.

(p.s. Pun in title is intended ! )

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