domenica 26 marzo 2017

One Week, back to life

One week since the vernal equinox and here in the North spring has sprung as she has been anxiously waiting Father Sun permission to show herself in all her majestic beauty pulsating life. So yesterday the outdoors called us really loud and me and my youngest doughter, another spirit of the woods as I am, have spent most of the afternoon-evening wandering in the nearby forest collecting fallen branches for our future creations and stones and much more for the young one collections. Before showing a few of the pictures I took let's track Father Sun, if you're curious to see the changes in one week have a look here .

Sunrise has been at 6:55
Sunset will be at 19:49
Lenght of the day 12h 54 min
( + 38 min of daylight in one week )
 Rhubarb has started growing ! Spring is really here

My guardians ...

One of my feathery friends in the golden morning light.

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