mercoledì 8 marzo 2017

Squirrel and Crows

I'm lucky enough to live in the 'outskirt' of an already tiny town in the south of the north. This means that I'm freely and abundantly given the chance to meet so many wild animals in my everyday life and my children learn how love and appreciate them and their specific lives in the wilderness, not in artificial settings of any kind, which is quite rare nowadays. Anyways a few of our small friends are more shy than others, so squirrels, rabbits and hares and hedgehogs are much harder to be seen long enought to get the camera. But last week I had the fortunate chance to see all at once a squirrel, gathering wool for the nest-my idea- and three crows queing for their turn to get some of the crumbled bread I leave outside in the evening. I had my camera at hand and shot a few pictures from inside, as opening the door would have them flee right away, so not the best quality maybe, but a great memory for sure.

 The squirrel is on the tree trunk closer to the 'lonely' crow, on the red woolen cloth hanging from there.

Crows have fled, squirrel feel more confident.

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