mercoledì 15 marzo 2017

The King

I already featured this wonderful Tolkien's poem here but being one of my all time favourite poems I have worked on it several times and in several ways, so here I am again presenting it in two different yet very similar ways.

Here it is written in English. To part the words I used the small dot as a hommage of the runic ways.
I have to say that English language it is not my mother tongue, but when I tried to read it translated in my own language it sounded so weird and different that I couldn't get myself to love it, not even nearly as much as I'm in awe for the original. And of course I'm saying this with the highest respect for the translators, as I know well how hard of a job it is, having worked as such a few times.

Here the same poem written in Khuzdul (Cirth) runes. A few words about this version. It is the english poem simply written with Khuzdul 'letters' (runes) it is not translated in the actual language. I pondered why I keep using this kind of runes, which are not the ancient norse and celtic ones, but the ones Professor Tolkien invented for the dwarves and Elves (some of them) of the Middle Earth. I still don't have an answer, I'm probably just font of them and their look, so as much as I'm working with Futhark, I will be gentle on myself and keep using Cirth.

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