lunedì 15 maggio 2017

Eight weeks: back to life

Yesterday some technical problems didn't allow me to post, so here I am today, exploring how is life 8 weeks after the equinox. First of all I have to say that next sunday, 21 of may, we will be leaving and hit the road for approximatively 4 months, so I will have to stop my light tracking and mostly I won't have any internet connection, so my posts from around Europe will be very seldom. For the first time in years I feel so heart brocken at the idea to stop my life, my projects and go away. I'm not sure if I should be worried about my gypsy spirit being tamed or happy because that means that I'm finally enjoying the 'here and now'. But my family has been organizing this trip for so long, way before I could find my own peace of mind and so next sunday my life will have a turn and change to the core for several weeks.
Here we're experiencing the most cold spring in years, or possibly ever. Temperature just rised a couple of days ago above zero, but never more than 12-15 C in the sun ( it means maybe 8 ? ). It feels good on our frozen to the bones bodies, but still watching last year's nature journal, we were way over 20 this period of the year. The trees are amazing. They're still bare, but yeasterday's rise in temperatures is making blossom all the buds so the tiny leaves start making their shy appearence on the branches. Life goes on, Mama Earth is shouting, and I try to make her braveness my own, to face the colder moments of my own life. But let's track the light:

Sunrise has been at 4:35
Sunset will be at 21:53
Lenght of the day 17h 17min
( + 5h 1min of daylight in eight weeks, + 39 min since last monday)
A few of the older stats can be found here (equinox) and here (three weeks) and here (seven weeks )
 Can you spot the raven on the fence ? We have been bringing him food for two months now, and he is becoming our 'friend'. He waits for us and while we are in the park he sits on the fence and looks at us. I will miss him like a crazy, as silly as it may sound.


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  1. Qui invece è un autunno caldissimo e arido, come nessuno ancora in questa zona si ricorda. A me il caldo non dispiace, ma la campagna e gli animali ne stanno soffrendo. E comunque è come se i conti non tornassero: foglie rosse e gialle, solde splendente e caldo. Ma!
    Buona nuova avventura