mercoledì 10 maggio 2017


It has been a long while since I last showed some of the things I'm doing with wood. It is very exciting to me since I'm learning everything 'hands-on' so to say, but even without any guidance but trial and errors I can see getting better and better all the time. I'm learning to master our new-to-us stand drill, chisels and wood-burning iron and I'm looking for a good carving knife to test myself on a new level of the carving experience. But here the last things I made ...

Flower-shaped pen holder (or brush holder). It is quite fun if you look at the first two pictures, the toys around the stand drill ... house full of (unschooled) kids that's it heheheh ....

Candle holder out of a branch

Pyrographed dread or beard beads

All the wood i use is either recycled ( the pen-holder ) or out of fallen branches that I find in the forest, so everything is extremely eco-friendly.

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  1. Ciao! Continui a meravigliarmi con tutte le attività che riesci/riusite a fare! Godetevi la primavera:)

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  3. Grazie di nuovo ! Ho trovato il tuo blog, che meraviglia, verro' a trovarti di tanto in tanto ! Buona giornata !