domenica 12 febbraio 2017

Father Sun

Light here in the north is a very important issue as it dramatically changes during the year lenght. In december, soon before the solstice the sun was rising at 9:24 and it was setting at 15:13, giving to the local dwellers less than six hours of daylight ( 5 h 50 min ). From the solstice light come back very fast and now we have almost nine hours of daylight, with the sun rising at 8:07 and setting at 17:03. The feeling of sheer joy when you realize the darkness has been left behind makes you almost dizzy. For me this is the sixth winter at this latitude and I felt so powerfull overcoming once again the darkness after having faced it head up and with a joyful heart. Father Sun is coming back in full force and I can only bow my head in gratitude for the gift of light and warmth.

I took this picture yesterday around 17:20.
 The color of the sky was amazing, I didn't use any filter at all, the picture shows the real beauty we have been treated yesterday.

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