giovedì 23 febbraio 2017

Never-ending amazement

I have been traveling the north for almost 15 years now and made it my dwelling 6 years ago. I should be used to its ways, but still I'm caught in amazement about its nature and the power of it. Everything oozes life, and everything can change so dramatically in a matter of moments, reminding the little humans to be grateful for what they have as it is not due to them or granted to them,but only freely gifted.
We had two days of snowstorm, strong cold winds brought tiny needle-like snowflakes, stinging the skin when hitting. Snow piled so high yesterday we had a lot of digging to do. But today. Today is a brand new amazing day ....

Everything was white and grey. Stillness made in colors.

And today, same place, same trees, same sky.
 Stillness has gone. 
You can feel the lively and wild pulse of life.

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