mercoledì 15 febbraio 2017


Since I moved to the north I got a genuine interest for the ancient cultures of northern latitudes. I have a deep love for the Sami, the only left native people in Europe, too neglected and forgotten, and a great interest in Celtic culture. I have been 'studying' runes and collecting images of traditional Sami's engravings and shamanic paintings for a few years now and a few of my kids are inheriting my same passion, in their own way of course. Lately I have been constantly working on wood, experimenting different tools and bringing back in use my old wood-burning-iron. I get a sort of ancestral satisfaction from everything I do.

Here a Celtic compass. This was my first try with the burning iron, the wood it's not good quality, just a small scrap from the fire starters pile and the compass has a few mistakes as I got a bit confused while I was working, but I'm quite satisfied with it.

This is something a bit different, as I used Khuzdul runes and Khuzdul language to write a few sentences from Durin's song, (I think) an original poem from JRR Tolkien. I found the text over at Midgardsmal .
On the bottom of it you can otherwise recognize the Celtic rune of peace, which I especially love.

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