martedì 21 febbraio 2017

Tiny guests

Sometimes,in these old wooden houses in the north, we're lucky enough to have unexpected and lovely guests.It happened three times in the past month, and finally yesterday I menaged to have some good shot of our newly met friend ....

The little one came in from a small hall between the floor and a wall and hid behind one of our stoves.
We put this five liters jar with the bottom cut off near there and filled it with food. Few hours and the little one was confident enough to come out and enter the jar to eat. At that point one of my sons took it and covered the 'entrance' with a book.

 After shooting a few pictures we took our friend outside. As soon as the little one was hit by the sun rays and smelled the fresh air started moving around excited. Moments later ...

... the little one was running free.
Goodbye little friend.

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