domenica 23 aprile 2017

Five weeks, back to life

When observing the nature and trying to tune in with Mama Earth, every new week means extraordinary things happening and filling your days with beauty and awe. Even if this season is much more colder than any other in the last (at least) five years - I have been living here that long- many signs of the nature waking up and enjoying the warmer sun and the longer ( and longer and longer ! ) days keeps showing up. Trees are still bare, even if the buds are swollen and seems just on the verge of bursting in the greenest leaves you can think of, but the first brave flowers are blossoming in the fields and in the forest.
But let's track the light right now ...

Sunrise has been at 5:30
Sunset will be at 21:00
Lenght of the day 15h 30min
( + 3h 14 min of daylight in five weeks, + 39 min since last monday )
To see the situation of the past weeks you can check here, here, here, here, here. And now please, follow me in a walk in the forest ...

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