domenica 16 aprile 2017

Four Weeks, Back to life

Already four weeks since the equinox and so many changes in light. This year the spring is showing itself extremely cold ( temperatures in the night drop to -6 and during the day hardly go over +2 ) and even if the sun is shining most of the days most of day, it's enough to have some wind and running clouds to have a fine and frozen snow to start falling. It's an impressive phenomenon indeed, many times there is still sun but we have real snowstorms that lasts from few minutes to few hours but that hardly leaves any sign after they stop, since the ground is too warm for the snow to keep. All this is making the nature more slow than usual, trees are still totally bare and in the garden we had the first crocuses  blooming, but most of them show the damages of the frost. Anyway, here is the light situation today :

Sunrise has been at 5:51
Sunset will be at 20:42
Lenght of the day 14h 51 min
( + 2h 35 min of daylight more in four weeks, + 39 min since last monday )
To see the situation of the past weeks you can check
here, here, here .

 The grass is still dry

 The frost has damaged most of them

Love the close-ups
 Hoping for more flowers soon.

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